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A tactop plate carrier really does offer the best of both worlds; functionality and protection at the same time. These plate carriers are extremely resilient and strong and are capable of handling force loads up to 300 lbs. Although they are designed for extremely heavy loads, they also have the ability to deploy easily under the most extreme circumstances. This is because they use a sturdy plate material that is reinforced with Kevlar to prevent buckling or bending in the event of an impact. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and less cumbersome than other plate carriers on the market today.

The advantages of the tactop plate carrier are that they provide superior protection against handguns, knives, and other sharp objects and that they are extremely fast to deploy. It is their quick deployment ability that makes this type of plate carrier so unique and useful. They also offer the convenience of easily changing out the loaded plates quickly which is especially helpful if you work in a very volatile or violent environment. They come in two different styles which include the soft armor design and hard armor design. They also come in a variety of configurations ranging from single piece right through to multiple pieces with hooks or removable shoulder straps.

The soft plate carrier design is designed to offer much more protection to the user but at a reduced weight. This allows them to be easily carried around by police officers or military personnel. These types of plate carriers also come in a variety of different colors including tan, woodland green, desert sand, olive green, and khaki colors. They can be purchased as a single plate or with up to four individual plates that can be interconnected with each other. If you need to transport several plates at one time, a hard armor plate carrier will prove much more convenient as it is larger and has more room to expand on.

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